B.H.I.S Enrollee Rights

Enrollee's Rights and Responsibilities

At BHIS, we ensure that health facilities provide quality care which is patient centered. That means they know who you are and care about you as an individual, they attend to your physical and emotional needs promptly and they earn your trust and ensure confidence in the healthcare system.

As an enrollee of BHIS, you have a right to:
  1. Individualized care that takes into account, your comfort and dignity

  2. Ask questions and receive information about your health conditions and results of the care provided for you and your dependants (spouse and 4 biological children below the age of 18). This should be in a way that meets your needs and helps you understand

  3. Informes consent: The right to understand and agree to the care plan your provider recommends, and subsequently understand a decision to transfer you to another facility.
Your responsibilities as an enrollee
  1. Be considerate and respectful to those who are helping or caring for you

  2. Refrain from using profanity or threatening language/behaviour while receiving care at a Health Care Facility

  3. Provide accurate, honest and complete information about your medical history to your medical team

  4. Follow instructions once you and your provider have agreed on your food

  5. Follow hospital policies

  6. Tell us about your concerns or complaints and to receive a response from us promptly

  7. Share your concern and provide suggestions that will help us provide you with better services

Patient Safety :

While receiving care at any of our accredited facilities, it is your right to receive safe medical care, and being involved in your care is the most important way to ensure that you are safe. This means:
  1. Know your medicines:

    Ask the doctor to tell you the names of your medicines and where possible, write them down.

  2. Ask Questions:

    Ask questions till you understand your illness, treatments, necessary surgeries or procedure, the medicines you will take and how to care for yourself at home

  3. Double Check:

    Help the staff of the facility to provide safe care and a safe care environment. It is okay to confirm if they remembered to: Confirm that they are providing care to the right patient, wash their hands or use hand sanitizers, mark the site for your surgeries and procedures